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Gallery Map
Main Entrance


bronze and steel
21" x 18" x 6"


upper left bronze, others copper

These masks were first sculpted in wax. The bronze (upper left) was then cast with a standard
lost wax process. I used an electroforming process similar to copper plating and a simple hammering process
to make the other three

copper, marble


copper, clay
16" x  10"

Annapolis is on the Chesapeake Bay and it's impossible not to be
influenced by the endless variety of things that wash up on the beach.
This is my attempt at sculpting an ancient (imaginary) species of fish.


15" x13" x4"


Fragment 1
electroformed copper
18" x 14" x 7"

This is about trying to remember the face
of someone you've almost forgotten.


my steel tree series




  Kim's Mandolin
Steel, copper
24" x 12" x 8"

Celtic Fiddle
copper, brass
5" x 2.5" x.5" (without stand)

A tribute to my fiddle. The Pictish design was generated with CorelDraw


mixed media
12" x 12" x 9"

Chain of Being
bronze, steel, seashell
14" x 13" x 12"


21" x 15" x 9"

I've been experimenting with the idea of reflecting the
sinuous motion of the human body by sculpting draped fabric

More Cloth Studies


Body Mask #2
24" x 14" x 6"

When I display my copper torsos, I like to hang them
at the same height as the viewer's body, so they seem like a reflection
of the viewer

screen sculpture
a new medium, still in the experimental phase. I find the fact that the object is "there" but also "not there" very intriguing.

Help Me to Understand

polymer clay

this piece was a reaction to the events of

my ARTIST'S STATEMENT, general ranting, etc.

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